Bulldog Club of Central Canada - Health Awards

The purpose of the BCCC health program is to promote the betterment of the Breed through health testing by recognizing Bulldogs owned by BCCC members, which have met specific health testing requirements.  Our Ambassador for Health Program has 4 levels of recognition:  Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  In addition, we offer Pioneer of Health Awards for those bulldogs that have participated in any BCCC initiated or recognized research project.

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Ambassador of Health
Requirement Levels

Bronze – successful completion of any 2 of the recognized certifications

Silver – successful completion of any 3 of the recognized certifications

Gold – successful completion of any 4 of the recognized certifications

Platinum – successful completion of 5 or more of the recognized certifications

Recognized Certifications for Ambassador of Health with passing results

- OFA Cardiac
- OFA Patella
- OFA Tracheal Hypoplasia
- OFA Thyroid
- OFA Elbow
- OFA Hip
- OFA Congenital Deafness (BAER)
- OFA Cystinuria

Click Here to see Health Test Screening Matrix for additional information

Pioneer of Health
Recognized Certifications for Pioneer of Health with passing results

- OFA Spine
- OFA Hyperuricosuria (HUU) DNA
- CHIC DNA Repository Certificate (this comprises OFA Cardiac, Patella and Trachea)

In order to qualify for Ambassador of Health and Pioneer of Health, test results must be submitted to the OFA public database. Cardiac, Patella, Thyroid and Trachea – Dogs must be 12 months or older on date of exam. Hips and Elbows – Dogs must be 24 months of age or older at time of radiography. Proof of participation from OFA is required for recognition.

To download a BCCC Health Award Application, Click Here.

Congratulations to the Bulldogs that have received their Health Certification - Click Here to view the list.

Health Awards