Code Of Ethics
As a member of the Bulldog Club of Central Canada (BCCC) your responsibilities will be:
1 To protect the interest of the bulldog breed.
2 No BCCC member shall engage in misleading or false advertising nor malign or give false statements regarding
their competitor’s dogs, breeding practices or person.
3 All BCCC members will show good sportsmanship at all times in all matters pertaining to club members and
will maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity.
4 Those more experienced BCCC members in the breed have an obligation to advise and assist those less
knowledgeable in a spirit of kindness and courtesy.
5 BCCC members shall at all times maintain a high standard of health and care for their bulldogs.
6 BCCC members of the Canadian Kennel Club will comply with all CKC Rules and Regulations.
7 BCCC members will help to educate the public on the standard and the proper care of the bulldog.
8 No BCCC member shall sell or produce for sale or consign any puppies or adult bulldogs to any auction,
dealer, laboratory or pet store.
BCCC Code Of Ethics