The Bulldog Club of Central Canada is proud to recognize
its members New Champions for 2013

Send in to the vice-president a Picture, Name, Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Date of Finish to post here compliments of BCCC.

shiner doris

Ch Rascal�s Brixalot Bulldacious
Izn�t She A Shiner

Sire: Am Ch. Rascal�s Brixalot Criminal Intent
Dam: Rascal�s Brixalot Lovely Gabriella

Breeder/Co-Owner: Jodi Ball and Deirdre Nardelli
Co-Owners: Amanda and Tammy McAllister
Handler: Amanda McAllister

Finished: April 13, 2013

Ch Kenacy Grand Kelis

Sire: Am GCH Kenacy Grand Blizzard
Dam: Kenacy Grand Poker

Breeder: Ken Calloway

Owner: John-Kevin Pierre & Sophie Ouellet
Handler: John-Kevin Pierre

Finished: April 26th, 2013

lily pixie

Ch Aldars Started With A Kiss

Sire: Iroc To Big Ben
Dam: Kaddyl’s Bindi Of Irwin

Breeder: Darlene Eschlboeck
Owners: Carmen and Leslie Salvatore
Handler: Leslie Salvatore

April 27, 2013

Ch Delenclos Pixie Dilly

Sire: Ch. Cherokee Origin Just Johnny
Dam: Ch. Delenclos' Bonnie Love

Breeders: Christine & Knut Pelzer, Cody Sickle
Owner: Christine & Knut Pelzer
Handler: Marie Josée Gallant

May 20, 2013

annie samson

Ch Aldars You Know You Love Mee

Sire: Can/Am Grand Champion Graybulls Absolut Peyton
Dam: Ch. Aldars Angelic Angie

Breeder/Owner: Darelene Eschlboeck
Owner: Darelene Eschlboeck
Handlers: Leslie Salvatore, Trevor Harris

June 1, 2013

Ch Chadklier’s Samson Supreme

Sire: Ch. Chadklier’s Sir Weasly
Dam: Ch. Chadklier’s Delta Rose

Breeder/Owner: James Reath
Handlers: James Reath, Trevor Harris

June 1, 2013

Mila stewie

Ch Topbrass To The Moon And Back

Sire: Ultimate Monsters Inc.
Dam: Ophelia Lou Madelaine May Kester

Breeder: Carol Kester
Owner/Handler: Jennifer McCann

June 28, 2013

Ch. Rascal's Brixalot Family Guy HIC

Sire: Am. Ch. Brixalot Rascal's Law and Order
Dam: Rascal's Lonestar Just Honey

Breeder: Nichole Bermea, Jodi Ball, John Ball and Katherine Rodriguez
Owner: Jodi Ball and Deirdre Nardelli
Handler: Amanda McAllister

Finished: June 6, 2013

suzie lucille

Ch. Pelee Bulldacious Suzie Q CGN

Sire: Am GCh. Hurricane T.K.O (USA)
Dam: Ch. Pelee's The Bachelorette CGN RN

Breeder: Tammy McAllister, Melissa Lamb, Karen Ossachuck
Owner: Vickie St. Jules, Doug Ash, Tammy McAllister, Melissa Lamb
Handler: Vickie St. Jules

July 4, 2013

Ch. Chadklier's Lady Lucille

Sire: Ch. Chadklier's Boomer Boy
Dam: Ch. Chadklier's Lady Harriet

Breeder/Owner/Handler: James Reath

July 6, 2013

Tank Shiner

Ch. FullofBull's Tink Tank

Sire: Ch. Macarols N Crus Mighty Sampson
Dam: Miss Molly Lim of Reinders

Breeder: Yvonne Poire
Owner: Barb Ellis, Yvonne Poire
Handlesr: Yvonne Poire, Jason Himba

August 10, 2013

Ch. Can/UKC Ch. Rascal’s Brixalot Bulldacious Izn’t She A Shiner

Sire: Am Ch. Rascal’s Brixalot Criminal Intent
Dam: Rascal’s Brixalot Lovely Gabriella

Breeder/Co-Owners: Jodi Ball and Deirdre Nardelli
Owners: Tammy and Amanda McAllister
Handler: Amanda McAllister 

November 17, 2013












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